Wait a minute...you mean to tell me that there is a Montana county that is looking to CUT property taxes and hold the line on spending?

That's right. I got a copy of a 5-page letter sent out by the Flathead County Commissioners detailing their budget, which includes a cut to property taxes.

Here's the simple premise behind the letter. A lot more people have been moving into the Flathead Valley. This means a lot more people are also paying taxes. While demand for services also goes up, the conservative Flathead County Commissioners are pointing out the obvious: "These new dwellings and neighbors...ease the overall tax burden for all residents."

Click here to read the full letter: attachment-Budget Message


Kendall Cotton, the CEO of a Montana-based free market think tank called The Front Institute praised the conservative Flathead County Commissioners and shared this note on social media:

Kendall Cotton: Flathead County is one example of a local government that has actually been holding the line on spending growth for the last decade. While Missoula Co is hiking property taxes this year, Flathead Co can cut them because they've kept their budget under control.


Why is this important to point out to the rest of the state? Because so many people have been fleeing the Democrat-run lockdown states to move to Montana, our property values have been skyrocketing. Since our property taxes are unfortunately based on property values, property taxes could go up drastically if local governments don't adjust their mills and keep property taxes lower.

The Republican Supermajority in the Montana Legislature and Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) already delivered over a billion dollars in tax relief, including a property tax rebate. Now the Republican county commissioners in Flathead County have followed suit to cut property taxes. Let's hope more local and county governments follow suit.


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