Look- I'm not one of the official sports pundits or commentators, but I think it is safe to say that we may be in for a HUGE Cat-Griz game this year.

After The University of Montana Grizzlies got so easily defeated by the Montana State Bobcats during the 2022 Cat-Griz game, who would even think it would be much of a competition this year? But remember- it was just two years ago in Missoula that the Griz handily defeated the Bobcats. The game is now back in Missoula this year.

Then, look at what happened this past weekend:  Idaho beat the powerful Montana State Bobcats. Montana previously beat Idaho.

That being said; though- it is worth pointing out that the Bobcats nearly took out the national champion South Dakota State Jackrabbits on their own turf earlier this year. I was listening to that game on the radio and it is very clear that MSU is a POWERHOUSE this year.

And for any Griz fans reading this and saying, "It's Griz-Cat." Look, I went to UM...but we Montanans have always called it Cat-Griz.

For those who aren't tracking: Cat-Griz is the big football game between Montana State University's Bobcats and The University of Montana's Grizzlies. It's the biggest game of the year in Montana. I think I could safely say that for Griz and Cats fans alike: their team can lose all year, as long as they win the Cat-Griz game it's a good season. Likewise, their team can win all year- but if they lose Cat-Griz, it's a bad year. That's how strong this rivalry is.

Here's the big question I have: will ESPN's College Game Day be tough enough to make it back to Montana for another Cat-Griz game? The coverage in Bozeman last year was incredible, and I understand it drew in some good ratings.

Speaking of ESPN Game Day- click here for the highlights I put together from last year. Here's some photos as well.

15 Awesome Pictures of ESPN College Gameday in Bozeman

Check out these pictures of ESPN College Gameday in Bozeman on Saturday

Gallery Credit: Jesse James


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