Did you miss the ESPN College GameDay Broadcast from Bozeman for Cat-Griz? Don't worry...

The Best Highlights from ESPN College GameDay in Bozeman

It took me a little while to get it all set up. First, I had to pay for some stupid TV service so I could watch the Season 5 opener of the show Yellowstone last weekend. Then, I tried to download ESPN Plus so I could watch College GameDay LIVE from Cat Griz in Bozeman. That didn't work. So I had to buy the upgraded TV package. But it was worth it.

That was some of the most entertaining TV I've seen in a very long time.

For those who aren't tracking: the big Cat Griz football game between Montana State University's Bobcats and The University of Montana's Grizzlies takes place today. It's the biggest game of the year in Montana. I think I could safely say that for Griz and Cats fans alike: their team can lose all year, as long as they win the Cat Griz game it's a good season. Likewise, their team can win all year- but if they lose Cat Griz, it's a bad year. That's how strong this rivalry is.

Whether you're rooting for the Cats or the Griz- I think we all can root for rodeo entertainment great Flint Rasmussen and the highlights featuring the Montana State University Rodeo team Saturday morning.

There were some great fan signs spotted in the crowd. One of the funniest ones I saw said, "Yellowstone is only a TV show- PLEASE STOP MOVING HERE."

One of the ESPN anchors spent some time learning how to steer wrestle with the rodeo team, while the viewers had some fun mocking the cold weather attire of the hosts. One viewer said Kirk Herbstreit looked like the bad guy from the Mummy. Hilarious.

Here's some of the highlights I snagged via Twitter:








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