We had a question today from someone in California about paying state income taxes. They were considering moving to Montana and with the ability to work from home it looked inviting.

After this, I thought of all the things that people from other states just can't fathom about Montana. I had this big city kid one time visit with John from Atlanta during branding and about freaked when I put a band on a steer calf.

Round Up
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People that visit are always overcome by the vastness and the size of the wide open spaces.

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Try this one and tell them that there are numerous counties that don't even have traffic lights in them. Numerous ones, how many can you name? Tell them that we have lakes that are bigger than the counties they live in.

Wild Goose Island, St. Marys Lake, Glacier National Park
Credit: DonFink

Their football stadiums can hold the entire population of our cities. How many miles of highways do they have where you can see 50 miles in either direction? There aren't many schools in this country that have graduating classes of 4 or 5 kids.

They also tend to freak out during hunting seasons when there are people driving all over the place with guns in the gun racks. Now that I think about it, maybe it's better if they just stay right where they are and leave us alone.

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After all, there are still a lot of places in Montana where you are not connected and I think most of us that are here still like it that way.

By the way, check out the podcast from this morning on the D-Day logistical problems. I think you'll like it.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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