"Montana Talks" will broadcast Wed-Fri at SHOT Show at the media zone from 0500-0900 Vegas time.  (Location details below) Plus, we'll be sharing our SHOT Show coverage with all of our radio stations back home in Montana. 

The biggest gun and outdoor gear show in the world is coming up in Las Vegas, so you know a bunch of us Montanans will once again be in the house for the big event.

This will be our third year making the trip to Vegas for the SHOT Show. We've run into some great folks down there like Skinner Sights out of St. Ignatius, Shield Arms out of Bigfork, and other Montana gun and outdoor companies like Stone Glacier and Mystery Ranch.

The SHOT Show is also a who's who of the guns and gear world and politics. You'll often see members of the Trump family cruising through the show just like another attendee. We've also gotten to catch up with Sebastian Gorka, Johnny Joey Jones, Dana Loesch, and many others.

This year we especially look forward to seeing Brixtel Defense and Olympus Arms- both companies just announced major manufacturing news for Glendive and Helena, respectively.

If you will be down at the SHOT Show, stop by and see us at our Montana Talks location on radio row.
"Montana Talks" will broadcast Wed-Fri at SHOT Show at the media zone from 0500-0900 Vegas time/ 0600-1000 Mountain time. (Statewide from 9-10 Mountain) 

 main level of the Expo center - that's along the corridor from the Venetian/Palazzo to the Expo Center.  People walking down this corridor will stroll all the way down and turn right when they see the giant 'Media Zone' signs.

Here is some of our past coverage. As you can see it is a mixture of news/guns/gear and of course any Montana connection we can find: https://montanatalks.com/tags/shot-show/

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