You gotta see this video as a white Democrat lawmaker from Livingston tries to shut down the testimony of a Native American man at the Montana Legislature earlier this week. Not only did she try to stop his testimony from being heard, she later tried to have him thrown out of the room.

Can you imagine if this white lady was a Republican and did this?

This was crazy. He was simply giving testimony before a hearing at the Montana Legislature, and he was being polite. Yet, Rep. Laurie Bishop (D-Livingston) tried to have him silenced and later thrown out of the Montana House Judiciary Committee hearing. Click here to watch the video around the 9:43:10 mark from the hearing on January 30th.

Why did she try and silence him? It seemed pretty obvious to me and many others who watched the interaction. This Native American man- who grew up in Browning, Montana and now lives in Great Falls- was basically speaking out against the radical transgender agenda being pushed by Montana Democrats in the Legislature.

The way he described it to me after the hearing is that basically he says the Democrats are culturally appropriating Native American culture, and misrepresenting "two spirit" culture in order to push the radical transgender agenda targeting kids with life altering surgeries and treatments.

Here's what he actually said in the committee hearing before being cut off by Rep. Bishop: 

Mr. Butterfly: The transgenders- they took over our platform. They put us in a hate category by using our own culture against us. Their presence here today represents, to us, the blood of our people in a form of Manifest Destiny. So, what we're doing is we're trying to get the word out, which we were stonewalled like Elouise Cobell, because this...they turned our culture into...


Rep. Bishop: Mr. Chairman, I object to this testimony. It's offensive to people in the room


Mr. Butterfly: And it's discriminating to the Native people for us to be, our culture to be utilized in this form.

That's the transcript, but again- you can watch the video for yourself to see it on camera. Click here to watch the video around the 9:43:10 mark from the hearing on January 30th.

It looked pretty clear to me what happened here. He was saying something she DID NOT want people to hear- a Native American man saying how the Democrats are using Native Americans as pawns to push a radical she cut him off and then tried to throw him out of the room.

This is outrageous. If a white Republican had done this, they would be getting lambasted all over the media all week long over this.

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