With well over 100k YouTube subscribers, this young lady is one of Montana's biggest social media stars. Kate Stephens is someone we need to know more about.

Kate's Ag - Farm to Fashion is just about as Montana as it gets. I was thrilled to stumble upon her Kate's Ag YouTube channel, but her social media reach certainly doesn't stop there. She also has her own website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Based in Great Falls, her videos have over 22,000,000 views.

This young lady is a tough, hard working farmer. Drive a combine? No problem. It is a real farm, after all. That's the family biz and she knows what it takes to keep a Montana family farm running. Kate says in her bio,

My name is Kate Stephens, and I am a 18-year-old 4th generation farmer. My family has been farming wheat in north-central Montana since my great grandfather immigrated from Denmark in 1912 and homesteaded our land. My family has been teaching me about farming since I was two years old. I run one of the combines on the farm at harvest. I believe that it is important for everyone to know where their food comes from and the families who produce it. I love our farm, and I hope that my Farm to Fashion and Farm to Table products can help educate people about where their food comes from in a fun way.

Yup, over 22 MILLION views on her channel, teaching people about farming. I'm totally here for it. I'm guessing with that kind of following, she's generating some ad revenue for herself. (If you'd like to buy a Kate's Ag t-shirt or bag, visit the Kate's Ag official website.)

It's pretty cool to see a social media influencer that actually seems to know what Montana is about. (Much more reassuring than poser travel dingdongs pretending that "they totally get the Bozeman vibe" from their overpriced 10 hour VRBO stay.) Hopefully, we see more of these types of influencers in the future.

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