Here's my prediction: the liberal federal judges here in Montana will rule on behalf of TikTok and the Communist Chinese.

That's right, the same liberal judges that will shoot down Montana coal miners will stand up for the Communist Chinese. You watch. Then watch as this case potentially goes all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

The Wall Street Journal just published a profile on Montana's rock star Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT): The Battle to Ban TikTok and the Man at the Center of It

In the piece, AG Knudsen credits the China Spy Balloon fiasco with forcing state lawmakers to act.

WSJ: “The Chinese Communist Party did us a hell of a favor, that balloon floating all the way across Montana,” said Knudsen, a Republican. “That absolutely galvanized some legislators.”

On Monday the State of Montana, through its Attorney General Austin Knudsen, called on a federal judge today to keep Montana’s law banning TikTok in the state in effect while the case proceeds in federal court. According to the AG's office,"well-documented concerns over the app’s massive data-harvesting practices and access to that data granted to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials" is a major reason for why the state ban needs to be upheld.

AG Knudsen: The federal government, other states, and other countries have recognized the dangers of TikTok because it is under the thumb of Chinese Communist Party officials, but the State of Montana is the first state to take action and protect its citizens’ privacy. Our legislators and Governor Gianforte did the right thing in prohibiting TikTok from operating in Montana as long as it is under the control of a foreign adversary. My office looks forward to vigorously defending the law as this case proceeds.


Click here to read the entire brief submitted by the State of Montana.

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