Oh brother. This seems so typical of the white liberals running our government and how they look down on the rest of us. Yellowstone National Park is getting absolutely dragged on social media after the park shared a post about "Black People Who Hike."

They're literally funding a program called "Black People Who Hike"? Wow.

Here's some of the comments YNP received on Facebook:

Kayla Glaves: What barriers are there preventing anyone from visiting a national park?


Tim Jensen: Maybe I'm confused. I thought we were all Americans.

After sharing the post on Facebook, YNP officials clearly started getting very defensive, and stressed that the funding for "Black People Who Hike" was funded by the National Park Foundation and that the NPF and the National Park Service (NPS) are two different entities. "NPF is a nonprofit organization that supports the government bureau (NPS) through a variety of ways."

Mishel Grasftrom talked about how her dad sold off his valuable life insurance policy when she was a kid, and sacrificed greatly to show her family

We camped most of the time and stayed a very frugal hotels maybe 6 nights out of a three week vacation. My dad worked extremely hard to raise his 5 kids . No subsidies from the government, rather he worked at the Municipal Building in Brookhaven on the side. If you want you can make things happen ! Sacrifice and just do it ! We don’t need woke BS! We need people taking responsibility for their destiny.
When I spotted this story earlier this morning, my first reaction was- "The National Park Service is currently run by white people who need to take a hike." This is symbolic of the "woke" garbage that the Biden Administration is pushing across the whole of government.

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