We got a great phone call LIVE over the airwaves Thursday morning from Michelle in Billings. She says she got talked into signing one of those ballot initiative petitions earlier this year, and asked a great question. Can I get my signature removed from the petition?

We then went straight into a 3 minute break and I already had the answer within 30 seconds thanks to several of our radio listeners- starting with my wife!

The answer? Yes. You can get your signature removed. Here's how you do it.

You have to get a "Request for Withdrawal of Petition Signature" form and then sign it in front of notary of an officer of the office where the request form is filed. According to the document, "Signatures may be withdrawn from a petition for constitutional amendment, constitutional convention, initiative, or referendum up to the time of final submission of petition sheets to the county election office."

As I understand it, contact your local county elections office to inquire about the process. Here is a list of the county election offices in Montana. Your completed request form will be submitted to the county elections office.

Why did Michelle want to have her signature removed? She said when the signature gatherers approached her they made it sound like they were proposing something that would be good for our elections in Montana, but now she is more concerned that these efforts will institute something like a "rank choice voting" system in the state and wants to have her signature removed.

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