You get to submit your nominations for what you think is the coolest thing "Made in Montana." Then, we the people get to vote on it. 

The Montana Chamber of Commerce just announced a new contest where you get to pick "the coolest thing made in Montana."

What would you go for? Off the top of my head, I can think of guns and outdoor gear like Shield Arms' 15 round mag for the 9 mil, or Simms' fly fishing waders if you want to get specific. If you want to be generic, what about Montana beef?

The Montana Chamber says, "There’s lots to celebrate here in the Big Sky state, including in our strong and growing manufacturing industry."

You don't have to be a member of the chamber to participate, and there is no fee to participate in the contest. How It Works, Rules, Timeline, and Voting details can be found at Coolest Thing Made in Montana - Montana Chamber of Commerce.

Evelyn Pyburn mentioned the contest on the radio Monday morning. She reported in the Big Sky Business Journal Hot Sheet that the chamber "will announce the winner at their annual membership meeting on October 30 in Billings. Manufacturing has been traditionally celebrated in October. Besides nominating a Montana manufactured product by July 1, the public will be able to vote on their favorite product."

Here is the website where you can SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATION for the Coolest Thing Made in Montana!

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