How come there is barely any local news coverage regarding this?  

I found this story NBC Chicago... nothing local in Montana has really covered this story yet. There was a young, black teen that moved to Montana, from Chicago after graduating high school. He started his life out here in Montana to be an entrepreneur and his family was excited for him to make his dreams come true.  

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps  Livingston, MT

On Feb 10,  Jalen Williams’ body was found in the middle of a field in Livingston, Montana.  

He was naked, but his body seems to have suffered some trauma. Jalen’s family is seeking answers regarding their son. The family did disclose that this young man was on medications for his heart problem he was diagnosed with in 2021. But Jalen’s family is suspecting foul play.  

According to NBC Chicago, Jalen’s mother Lilonda Brooks said she got a phone call from Jalen’s former principal saying that Jalen was found in the field in Livingston. The coroner reported Jalen died of hypothermia in the field not far from his girlfriend’s house.

Jalen’s mother told NBC Chicago that they met with the coroner in Livingston. After seeing his body, Brooks says foul play has to be the answer. Brooks noticed her son’s body was swollen and bruised, like he fought back to whoever did this to him.  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I personally called the Livingston coroner’s office to see what’s happening with this and didn’t get a call back.  

Lilonda Brooks and the rest of Jalen’s family are awaiting the results from two different autopsies. One autopsy was performed here in Billings, the other in Chicago.  

My question again is, why wasn’t there more news coverage about this...?  

"Missing/Dead White Woman Syndrome" is a real thing. Missing white women, especially young white women, are on the news immediately after something happens... but what about BIPOC?  

We will continue to update this story as we learn more.  

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