Did I wake up in an alternate universe? Is Donald Trump the president again? Is Ryan Zinke serving as Secretary of Interior again? If you were driving through Bozeman, Montana and you saw gas prices for $1.54 a gallon, no- your eyes were not deceiving you.

They had gas for $1.54 a gallon at one locally owned gas station in Bozeman. I say again- they HAD $1.54 a gallon gas, for an event highlighting the skyrocketing inflation and gas prices that we are now seeing under Joe Biden and Jon Tester (the Democrat Senator from Montana).

To make the point, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in Montana paid the difference. They wanted to highlight how much gas prices have gone up since Biden took office. Here's what Kriegel told me previewing the event earlier in the week on our "Montana Talks" show:

Kriegel: It is called 'the true cost of Washington.' What we're going to do is because people have been feeling the pain at the pump- prices have risen from $1.54 on the average in Montana, the week Joe Biden took office, to what it is today $4,  $3.89, depending upon where you're at in state of Montana.


For two hours on Tuesday at the Bridger Market Cenex on North 7th in Bozeman, AFP was paying the difference so Montanans could enjoy a lower price for gas.

Kriegel: We want people to feel a little bit of temporary relief from the the inflationary prices they've been paying at the gas pump, in the grocery stores, in their monthly energy bills and elsewhere. And also, secondly, to focus on the bad policies that have caused this problem. And thirdly, to talk about some of the solutions.

Senator Steve Daines was there and had this to say via Twitter:

Montanans are feeling the pain of @JoeBiden & the Democrats’ disastrous economic & energy policies—they’re paying more for everything from gas to groceries than when Biden took office. Glad to team up with MT @AFPhq this morning to offer some much needed relief at the pump.

Here's my full chat with Henry Kriegel from earlier in the week:


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