Our nation's news media got so many important things wrong on election night, and they continue to do so over a week after.

How could they call it so soon? Some states were called even though the count is so close there will be a recount. Those states cannot be called, yet. Georgia is the first state to hold a full recount.

Other states will soon follow if they intend to comply with their own laws, which orders the recount to happen when the results are within a very slim margin.

Where are the stories on the Lawsuits filed by Attorney Generals from 10 states with the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to force all states to adhere and comply to their own election laws?

Voter fraud did occur yet the news media is not perusing these stories.  

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Some fraud occurs in every election. TRUE the fraud in this election it is not wide spread. But does not need to be. Enough fraud in a few states where the results are close could cause a different outcome.

The news media is almost completely ignoring cases of fraud being investigated at the federal and at the local level. There are also alleged cases of what is being called "misconduct" by election officials. 

I had to dig read hard to find one story about the the court who told the Pennsylvania Secretary Of State that she Lacked Authority To Extend Deadline For Proof Of ID By Mail Voters.

I have a hard time finding stories on states such as Nevada did not follow their own election laws when counting mail-in ballots. It is alleged that many ballots were counted that did not have signatures, proper address, no post mark, or came from people who were no longer residents of that state.

Are any reporters curious about those dead people who voted? Yes, the dead did vote in this election. But then, the dead vote in every election. The question is - did enough dead vote to change the results in states with close election results?

The News Media often misrepresents what happened. Last weekend I watched George Stephanopoulos of This Week on ABC interview South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. George insisted that there had not been any fraud in this election. The Governor gave him a few examples of fraud. After the interview ABC New posted the following on Twitter. Can you spot the problems with this tweet?

Screen Grab Twitter

If you watch the interview at this link you'll see that she, in fact, does provide examples of fraud that are being investigated. But then I have to ask, who wrote "President" with a small letter "P?" Why did they choose a photo of her that makes it look as if she is sad that the can't answer the question? FINALLY - The call her Governor Of North Dakota! News Flash ABC. Kristi Noem is the governor of SOUTH DAKOTA! So much wrong in one tweet by a major news organization. How can that be?

Why were the polls so wrong - AGAIN? Did you find yourself wondering how polls read by, and in some cases produced by media outlets could get this election so wrong? Then again they usually do get it wrong every election year, yet they spend so much time touting them.

FINALLY! I'll say it again, and for the record; The news media does not call the election. We do not have a "President Elect," until the count is finished the the results are certified. So, at the moment, we are in limbo without an official President Elect, despite what you keep hearing from the news media.

I've only scratched the service here. How frustrated have you become with our nations news media?

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