Thanksgiving has turkey as the centerpiece of the holiday meal. Easter typically has ham as its centerpiece. But, what is the typical centerpiece for Christmas? As most Montanans probably do, prime rib roast seems to be the choice for the Christmas meal.

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Growing up, my family always had strange traditions when it came to holiday food. On Christmas eve we would have oyster stew. Basically just oysters bathing in a bath of hot cream and butter. I was and still am not able to stomach the idea of continuing that tradition. My family also has a tradition of eating pickled herring during the holiday. Don't ask me why. I mean we are not even Norweigan. But, there was one traditional food that I always looked forward to. That savory cut of roast beef steak dipped in a tiny bowl of au jus. Just thinking about it is making me wish it was Christmas day.

Preparing the perfect prime rib roast is not for the amateur home cook. Trust me, I have overcooked a prime rib roast. It basically ruined Christmas that year. Thankfully we got our culinary master, George "G Nizzle" Galbavy. You may recognize our celebrity chef as the drummer for the Missoula band "Chaos II Clarity." Needless to say, G Nizzle knows his way around the kitchen. For years now, we have shared with you his technique on cooking the perfect rib roast. Putting the cooking process into terms that any Missoula metalhead can understand.

Pay close attention to the following instructional video to learn how to make your very own "Bombass Prime Rib" this Christmas.

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