For any of you Yellowstone TV show or country music fans out there, you likely already heard that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are starring in a new Yellowstone spinoff called 1883. Apparently that show is off to a very good start.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 1883 averaged nearly 5 million viewers, "setting a series premiere record for Paramount Network and becoming the most watched series premiere on cable in more than six years."

In anticipation of the 1883 launch, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill graced the cover of People Magazine. If you saw the cover of the mag, you might think- hey, that's a cool hat that Tim McGraw is wearing. Why yes, yes it is. Did you know that hat was custom made in Billings, Montana?

Rand's Custom Hats in downtown Billings, Montana shared the news, and a behind-the-scenes video of hat maker Thad Lamey building and shaping the hat for Tim McGraw.

Check it out:

Pretty cool to see that Tim McGraw and I have the same hat maker. That's right- Thad built my custom hat that I got to wear down in Las Vegas during the National Finals Rodeo for Cowboy Christmas.

Here I am wearing the hat made by Thad at Rands after interviewing Montana saddle bronc rider Sage Newman.

And speaking of the TV show Yellowstone, here's my wife and I with the man who plays Lloyd- Forrie Smith.


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