Did you deliver newspapers as a kid? I did. I stuffed newspapers for the Glasgow Courier in Glasgow, Montana as far back as at least 4th grade.

That's how I made money to go play video games at the Pizza Hut, and get some nacho cheese ole's at Taco Johns in Glasgow! I then delivered the Chicago Tribune south of Chicago in my junior high years. It was a great way to earn money as a kid and not have to wear the fake Jordan's again.

My grandparents also delivered newspapers as kids, and my great grandpa also worked for the Courier back in the day.

I'm sure many of you also worked as paperboys or papergirls as kids. Check out the phone call we got from a listener in Livingston, Montana below.

(Note: We reached out to the newspaper to confirm the story and get reaction on Tuesday morning, and will update the story if/when we get a response.)

Paperboy loses his job in Livingston, Montana?

We got a phone call from a radio listener in Livingston, Montana on Tuesday morning. He told us that he got a note from his paperboy with the morning paper this week. He said his paperboy does an incredible job...but now he will apparently be out of a job.

Randy in Livingston told us over the phone that his paperboy is a great young man. He said that the paperboy left a note saying that he would no longer have a job because the paper is making him pay for insurance in order to deliver newspapers. I asked Randy to send us a photo of the note. It is featured in the edited image above with the paperboy's name left off of the note.

Here's how the note reads:

I regret to inform you that Livingston Enterprise has terminated my employment. Due to not being able to afford insurance they are forcing us to pay. My last day I will be delivering is November 25th, 2022. I have enjoyed being able to deliver your paper for the past 3 years. Sorry for any inconvenience you may experience. Happy Holidays!

As I said above, we will let you know if we hear back from the paper to confirm the story or give us their reaction. I do know that the Livingston Enterprise was recently purchased by the same company that owns the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Adams Publishing bought out nearly a dozen other small town Montana newspapers.

(By the way, I would give a shout out to the Livingston Enterprise in the past couple years. They've covered stories that I don't recall getting attention by the larger newspapers nor the area TV stations- including the story about LGBT propaganda being showed to elementary school students, and the story about a little boy being kicked off his school bus because he didn't have a mask.)

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