It is a book that put Missoula, Montana on the map. A book that is filled with such great literary lines as "The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana." Norman Maclean's book "A River Runs Through it" was published in 1976, when Norman was 74 years old. Shortly after Maclean died in 1990, the book inspired a movie. Since the release of the movie in 1992, interest in fly fishing has boomed in western Montana. Specifically on the Blackfoot River.

Norman Maclean's son, John Maclean, has followed in his father's footsteps. Much like his uncle Paul Maclean (played by Brad Pitt in the movie), John became a journalists and worked for the Chicago Tribune. He went on to write many non fiction books about wildfires in the west.

Now, John Maclean is turning his attention back to his families legacy. John Maclean has recently released a book called "Home Waters."

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In the spirit of his father's beloved classic A River Runs Through It comes a gorgeous chronicle of a family and the land they call home: Home Waters is John N. Maclean’s meditation on fly fishing and life along Montana's Blackfoot River, where four generations of Macleans have fished, bonded, and drawn timeless lessons from its storied waters.

John was recently featured on a segment of CBS This Morning. John shared stories of his father and growing up on the Blackfoot River. He shares both his appreciation for the attention the book has brought to western Montana, but also how it has changed the landscape that he grew up around.

Preview the first chapter of the book and get your own copy here.

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