The Southwest Montana Veterans Home is currently under construction in Butte, and when completed, will be a "skilled nursing facility" for those who have served in our military.

A community center is planned for the Veterans Home, with a vision to offer residents "an engaging environment" that will truly feel like home.

According to a press release from the Montana Arts Council, funding has been allocated for "visual artworks" that will be part of the home, primarily in the community center. Any artist who would like to submit a proposal for their work to Montana's Percent for Art Program, you can find details about the project's overview, requirements, payment, and more by clicking HERE.

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The following criteria will be considered in the review of art submissions for the Veterans Home in Butte, according to the Montana Arts Council:

  • Quality of work.
  • Relevance to Southwest Montana and veteran community, history, heritage or environment.
  • Artistic resume and submitted works of the applicant.
  • Permanence, safety, and accessibility (as required for public artworks).

For artists who are ready to submit a proposal for the Southwest Montana Veterans Home, CLICK HERE to log into Montana Arts Council’s online grants and programs portal.

The 48th Montana State Legislature established the Percent for Art program in 1983, “in recognition of its responsibility to create a more humane environment of distinction, enjoyment, and pride for all its citizens and in recognition that public art is a resource that stimulates the vitality and economy of the state's communities and provides opportunity for artists and other skilled workers to practice their crafts, declares that a portion of the funds for the construction or renovation of appropriate state buildings be allocated for the acquisition of works of art for such buildings."

CLICK HERE to see the entire press release about the call for art for Southwest Montana Veterans Home.

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