There are currently over 50 missing children in the state of Montana. Such tragic events are unfortunate and scary. However, public databases make it possible for the public to help find them and bring these children home. I combed the Montana Missing Persons Database and looked for all the children that went missing in August.

This list will not include attempted abductions or kidnappings, as while it's super tragic that it happened, those children are not missing. Also, most entries in this list have photos provided by the Missing Persons Database, but some do not have any photos. You can find links to authority contacts by clicking the child's name you'd like to report.

Here are all the missing children in August that do NOT have any photos.

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If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these children or any other missing Montana child, contact the Montana Department of Justice or local law enforcement.

Montana's Missing Children - August 2022

These are all the missing children in the Montana Department of Justice Missing Persons Database that went missing in August of 2022. Their photos will link to their info page so you can report any information regarding these children. Let's help bring them home.

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