The Montana Department of Justice's Motor Vehicle Division has signed a driver’s license reciprocity agreement with Taiwan that will take effect on October 10, 2020. DOJ Motor Vehicle Department General Counsel Michele Snowberger explains.

“Taiwan has been a great partner with the state of Montana in many different areas,” Snowberger said. “A few years ago, they approached us about being able to enter in a reciprocity agreement that would be a benefit for both Montanans who are residing in Taiwan and also for Taiwanese who have come and are now living in Montana for study, for work, or for other reasons.”

According to Snowberger, this agreement will benefit the people of Montana and Taiwan and enhance the partnership between the two governments.

“The Montana Legislature authorized the Department of Justice to enter in to these reciprocity agreements with foreign governments where we could utilize a similar process like if I was moving to Montana from Arizona, and being able to recognize that driver’s license here in Montana,” Snowberger said.

The agreement allows Montanans who reside in Taiwan the convenience of transferring their driver license without the hassle of taking a driving skills test. Taiwan nationals living in Montana have the same opportunity.

“This agreement allows somebody from Taiwan to come to Montana and their requirement is slightly different because they would just have to take a knowledge test, with proper verifications with our Taiwanese counterparts, in order for them to get a driver’s license here in Montana,” Snowberger said. “We would waive the requirement that they take that skills test, which is normally what would happen with a foreign national who is now residing in Montana.”

Montana is the thirty-fifth jurisdiction to enter into a reciprocity agreement. Taiwan is the first foreign government to enter into such an agreement with Montana.

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