How dumb is this man and where is Jon Tester?

The president was in front of his union buddies yesterday demanding that the oil refineries start producing more gasoline and diesel fuel according to The Hill. He said that their profits have tripled. Ok, if they were making about four or five cents per gallon when gas was two dollars, then gas should be only $2.15 now.

His war on fossil fuels ruined the energy industry and drove up prices, period. The sad part is we never have anyone in Washington who understands how things, including farming, actually work on the ground.

So where is our Montana farmer guy Jon Tester?

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Biden has also said he wants American farmers to increase their wheat production as Ag Web Farm Journal reported, at least for 2023. Hey, dummy, this isn't like baby formula or toilet paper. Everything this year has already been planted and is awaiting harvest. We can't just increase our production at a flip of a switch

Same with beef. We just can't increase our calf crop now. It takes a year to get a calf, feed it and get it ready to be finished for the consumer.

Mother cow helping calf
Credit: Paul Mushaben, Townsquare Media

So why doesn't Tester inform this man how agriculture works? These are not assembly-line items. Besides, his war on fossil fuels has impacted agriculture immensely with fertilizer prices and fuel, chemicals, parts, etc. making it almost impossible to increase production without a guaranteed price.

And we don't get to set those like the fuel or retail industry can. Why don't you just reduce taxes then so we could all have a little more money to buy things with.

If things are that easy, then you do it. The man has no clue...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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