The Associated Press reported the Biden administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are recommending that all new cars in the U.S be equipped with blood alcohol monitoring systems that can stop an intoxicated person from driving.

They say it could reduce the number of highway fatalities in the U.S.

First, if there are two people in the car the other can blow, or what if the other is drunk and you're not will it still detect alcohol?

Another example of big government trying to control everything you are allowed to do.

You can't prevent all things bad with more government. It's never worked. This stuff is getting out of control with big government dictating everything you can do.

Man blowing into breathalyzer

Why then won't they have something that automatically disables all electronic devices in your car? Look how many lives could be saved. Why don't they put speed limiters on your car? Look how many lives that could save.

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We could do many things to save lives in this country, like eliminate smoking and pot.

Only allow people to consume 3,000 calories a day. Make exercise mandatory.

The big one is to control the border; people are dying from fentanyl each day, why don't they take action there? Just think how many lives could be saved.

They sure got a big yummy taste of this control and power thing during the COVID-19 shutdowns and mandates and now they won't let up. We've heard all of this before with everything from guns to weed killers.

Hell, the democrats have the ability to stop all deaths but are responsible for the slow painful death of one great nation.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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