I can't begin to tell you how much admiration I have for the men and women that put on the blue uniform every day. Their job gets tougher and more dangerous each day it seems.

Our police chief held a public forum this week to talk about that very thing.

The increase in violent crime and the lack of respect for the law makes it even more challenging. The shootings and confrontations with police are on the rise. Split-second decisions have to be made and these are life or death decisions.

During the forum, your mayor Bill Cole asked the police if they could find a less lethal way to deal with these criminals. Putting all the decision-making process on the police.

Why don't you ask something from the criminal, like don't pull out a weapon? Don't smash your vehicle into theirs or try to run over them?

You have to assume that convicted felons with long laundry lists of assaults and drug crimes mean it when they threaten you.

If the cop is wrong, he's dead. He doesn't see his wife and children ever again, but at least he gave the criminal a chance, right?

That's reckless thinking on the mayor's part and his influence on police policy could get one of our guys killed.

So, how do citizens not get killed? Don't be a criminal. It's simple.

The mayor, I don't believe, has ever had a guy on meth pull a pistol on him. Mr. Mayor, you concentrate on cutting ribbons, and let's let our police try to cut serious crime in this town before more people get shot.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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