COVID-19 cases continue to spike here in Gallatin County, and around most of the United States, however, hospitalizations and deaths from the virus are actually falling. According to the World Health Organization 507 people died in the United States yesterday from COVID-19. At its peak in mid-April, the Unites States was losing over 2,000 people daily from the virus.

We have not had a death in two months here in Gallatin County, and while 55 people have tested positive in the past seven days, according to the health department, we still only have one person hospitalized locally due to COVID-19.

Today, the state of Montana is reporting 49 new cases of the coronavirus from 2,118 new tests, but we're down in hospitalizations from 16 last week to 12 currently. Overall, the state has had 22 deaths. The last was reported on Friday, June 22, in Rosebud County.

Montana currently has a 2% COVID-19 death rate. Gallatin County's death rate is .003, which means you have over a 99.7% chance of surviving the coronavirus in the county.

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