Senator Barrasso continues to criticize many of the Biden Administration's policies, including the president's reaction (or, according to many Republicans, his non-reaction) to the 'border crisis' currently taking place at the Southern border.

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Barrasso recently spoke in front of colleagues at the Capitol and

"We have a crisis at our Southern border," Barrasso stated. "It's a humanitarian crisis, it's a healthcare crisis, it's a national security crisis. The people living along the border are living with it every day. People all across the country are well aware of it and very concerned about it."

The Wyoming Senator said that the only people who don't seem to be concerned are those within the White House. He stated that the number of immigrants coming to America illegally is at a record high.

"Many of them are carrying diseases; potentially deadly diseases," he stated.

Barrasso then referenced the time he spent earlier this year at a border patrol facility.

"One in ten of the young, unaccompanied minors who were there were testing positive for coronavirus," he said. "We now know there are new, more deadly variants of coronavirus; some being brought into this country by people outside the country and we are also learning that these variants are ones that the vaccines that so many of us have already received may not be as effective against this variant of the virus as we wish that it would be."

Barrasso stated the the Centers for Disease Control put a policy into place under Title 42 (the public health laws) that he says prevents "certain people" from coming into the country that may have COVID-19, because of the harm it could cause within the country of the United States.

"It now seems like the Biden Administration is surrendering to the loudest and most radical voices of their party," he said.

The reason he made that claim is because he "heard" that the White House is putting plans into effect that would abolish the aforementioned policy under Title 42.

"As a result, we're looking at even more illegal immigrants coming into the country," Barrasso offered. "Tomorrow, a dozen Republicans are going to have a press event. We're going to send a letter to the President of the United States reminding him that his obligation, and his job, is to protect the safety and security of the United States and the American people; not to listen to the loudest and most radical voices of his party who want to weaken our border security and our national security in the process."

Video of Barrasso's comments can be seen below.

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