Senator Barrasso recently spoke outside of the Senate floor and continued to criticize President Biden's performance as the President of the United States.

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"As we enter 2022, the undeniable truth is that Joe Biden as President is overwhelmed and ineffective," Senator Barrasso began. "And the Vice-President, his backup seems every time she touches the ball, it's either a fumble or she throws an interception."

Barrasso said that he made those comments because the American people have lived through one of the most expensive Christmas holidays ever.

"If they were driving to go visit family or friends, the price of gasoline at the pump on Christmas day was the highest it's ever been on a Christmas day in America," he said. "The cost of a gallon of gas is a dollar a gallon higher this Christmas than it was last Christmas. And it's not just gasoline; it's Christmas gifts, it's groceries for Christmas. People around the country are struggling and suffering, and the President and Vice-President think that all they need to do is maybe wave a magic wand and things would get better. That's not the case."

Barrasso stated that Vice-President Kamala Harris appeared on CBS the day after Christmas to speak on inflation and how it has impacted the American people.

"She was asked about inflation," Barrasso said. "And [she] was asked if it was transitory because, remember, for month after month after month, the administration and the Vice-President said inflation was transitory. They kept saying it until we hit a 40 year high of inflation. It wasn't a trick question. Yet her answer was incoherent, and rambling. And by all indications, inflation's going to get even worse coming into this new year."

Barrasso then brought up the issue of COVID-19 and noted that President Biden is responsible for the lack of tests and testing facilities that are available to the American people.

"We talked about people who could travel to see friends and family over the holidays, but for many people, they couldn't because of the new variant of Coronavirus," Barrasso stated. "Many, many people have tested positive. That's if they can even find tests to take. You've seen the lines going around the building in city after city, all across the country because they can't even find adequate testing."

Barrasso said that President Biden has been so concerned with the vaccine mandate, that he essentially neglected the issue of testing.

"He ignored, ignored, requests for more testing and working on treatment," he said. "Lots of money has been spent on that," he said. "Billions of dollars was put into testing and Coronavirus bills, including the one that they past on a party-line vote in March, which was supposed to be about Coronavirus relief. And yet there are not adequate tests in America today."

He continued, stating that "This is what Joe Biden has done to this country. As we go into Joe Biden's second year as president, we have a president who has failed. He's failed on the economy, failed on Covid, failed at the border, and failed on issue after issue, including crime in our cities. The American people deserve better. This president has failed."

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