Last week, we told you about the outrage expressed by local officials after illegal aliens from Venezuela showed up on the Flathead County Sheriff's doorstep. Since we shared that story, we have more crazy details that are now available.

Turns out, the local "nonprofit organization" that is working to traffic illegal aliens in the Flathead is led by the head of the Flathead County Democrats, Ron Gerson. Don "K" Kaltschmidt, the Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, shared that info on the radio Friday morning as we were discussing the story. (Full audio in the podcast below. I've offered for Gerson to join us on the radio as well btw)

After Republican officials from the Flathead County Sheriff and County Commissioner on up to Congressman Zinke, Senator Daines, Tim Sheehy, and Governor Gianforte all expressed outrage over the report- Democrat Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) attempted to gain election year political points by jumping on the bandwagon (see Fox News story by clicking the link).

But here's the problem- Tester voted in support of President Biden's secret flights transporting illegal aliens all across America. The illegal aliens that we told you about last week all reportedly came across our southern border and then got flown into Montana from New York City.


One quick clarification on the tweet posted at X above, The Flathead Beacon is denying that the Valley Neighbors group is a "dark money" group because of their 501 c 3 status. Maybe the Montana Legislature or somebody should do a full audit of this outfit to see exactly what they are up to?

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