Need a job?


Boy, do I have the right gig for YOU!

Get a job as a Bear Hugger!

Go to New Mexico to apply, because Wyoming is not this stupid.

Here is what you do.

You crawl into a bear den, grab the cubs, and pull them out.


The job post is asking for people that have "the ability to hike in strenuous conditions," crawl into bear dens, and trust that their coworkers will keep them safe.

Okay, but what if I don't trust my coworkers?

These animals, for one reason or another, have to be moved.

It's not like they are going in the den without drugging mama to make sure she is asleep.

A conservation officer patrols the state to enforce game and fish laws. But in addition to law enforcement, they also conduct wildlife surveys. Another part of the job: capturing what the department calls "problem animals."

"Problem animals?"

Honestly, this is sounding worse all the time.

If you saw the movie Cocaine Bear, you'll not be applying, I'm sure.

Love of bears, and your own stupidity, are not the only qualification.

Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in “biological sciences, police science or law enforcement, natural resources conservation, ecology, or related fields.”

Interested applicants “must have the ability to hike in strenuous conditions, have the courage to crawl into a bear den, and have the trust in your coworkers to keep you safe during the process,” wrote the department.

They “do not recommend crawling into bear dens” and “all bears were handled safely under supervision.”

“Not all law enforcement field work is this glamorous, but we would love for you to join the team where you can have the experience of a lifetime,” added the department.

attachment-New Mexico Game And Fish Facebook 1

Other duties include:

“educates the public about wildlife and wildlife management, conducts wildlife surveys, captures ‘problem animals,’ investigates wildlife damage to crops and property, assists in wildlife relocations and helps to develop new regulations.”

I guess having no fear, or maybe a death wish, and being okay with being MAULED by Mama Bear is preferred.

Honestly, this goes back to the question of if you trust your coworkers to keep you safe.

You might even like your coworkers.

But would they stick with you if you had a problem with Mama Bear?

attachment-New Mexico Game And Fish Facebook 2

Those feet might look cute.

But someday they will be BIG PAWS that can rip you in half in one swipe.

Keep that in mind.

Inside Wyoming Missile Silo For Sale

There are decommissioned missile silos for sale in Wyoming.

Thermal nuclear device not included.

Now why would anyone want to own one of those?

Lets start by looking to the outside, then go in.

Well, because owning one is just such a cool idea.

So lets have a look at what the realtor is offering.

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