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One of the Facebook groups that I've been checking each day is Montana Sports Fans Alliance. This is a spot where parents of student-athletes have been venting their frustrations when it comes to not being able to watch their kids participate in their sports. It's a public group, so you can read what people have to say HERE. 

One of the posts includes how it's a good idea to have a plan if and when parents and fans are allowed to show up and watch their kids again, and there is a conversation about keeping everything positive and friendly. Just let us come watch our kids' games.

One parent has never missed any of his kids' games. It's important for many of these parents.

One person posted Wyoming's rules. They allow gatherings of up 250 for indoor events, and up to 1,000 for outdoor sporting events, with parents and students getting priority for tickets.

Great. Let's do that. Need me to wear a mask to my daughter's games? I'll do it. Need me to socially distance while waiting in line to get in? I'll do it. Whatever it takes, I'll do it. Kids need to be able to look over to the sidelines or up into the stands and get that reassuring look from a parent. It's important.

Another post from this group talked about how the athletic director in Roundup isn't allowing any parents at the first cross country meet, which will be held at the golf course. Along with that ban, he also said that the runners couldn't even walk the course before the race as they usually get to do.

We want to come watch our kids play. Please let us.

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