Absolutely disgusting. How else do you describe it? Just days after the worst attack on Jewish civilians since the Holocaust, and here you have out of state folks dressed like masked up Neo Nazis and Missoula Democrats protesting against Jews and Israel on the same day. Unbelievable.

Here's the deal: if you had your views on Israel and Gaza three weeks ago, and you wanted to publicly protest- that's one thing. But what you basically have happening right now is radical Left wing activists in Missoula providing cover fire for the Hamas terrorists who went in and slaughtered over a thousand innocent men, women, children, and babies. Now is the time to condemn the Anti Semitic hatred that is spewing out into the streets of America, and to condemn this vicious attack on innocent families.

Here's the video of dozens of Anti Israel protesters in Missoula. By the way, the video was shared by the same Left wing activist who supported the transurrection at the Montana Capitol earlier this year.


The Democrats were rallying against Israel and waving Palestinian flags on the same day that supposed Neo Nazis were down the street protesting in front of a Chabad Jewish Synagogue in Missoula.

Realizing the horrific optics, the Left wing activists later tried to simultaneously condemn the Neo Nazis while also justifying their own Anti Israel activism.

"The Bozeman Bee" called them out with a post on X.com:

Translation: "Ok fine we are anti-semetic but your anti semitism is different than our anti-semetism"

One user on X.com shared a photo of Washington plates and a man wearing a sweater with a Nazi symbol apparently getting arrested. The Missoula Current did report that one man was arrested.

By the way, Monday morning I spoke with Ambassador Marco Sermoneta. He is the Israeli Consul General for the Pacific Northwest. Click below for full audio:

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