Thanks to everyone who answered our recent poll question: Do You Choose to Wear a Mask in Public? Here are the results:

Credit: Crowdsignal
Credit: Crowdsignal

This was one of the most responded to polls we've ever had with well over a thousand participants. And I don't know about what you've seen when you're out, but it certainly reflects the number of people that choose to wear masks when I'm out and about around the Bozeman area.

Many believe that masks, while not keeping the wearer from getting the coronavirus, will prevent them from spreading the virus. Some of those who refuse to wear masks say they don't believe that masks actually help to contain the spread of the virus. Others have said they feel that they shouldn't be held responsible for the health of others.

Here's some of the comments we received about wearing masks on our XL Country Facebook page:

"No. Watching half the people who wear masks out there wear them wrong. Wear them in a car by themselves or on the chin in the store. Does no good. Plus cloth masks do nothing but keep your stuff in" - Mike

"Absolutely. Prevention and protection for yourself and others(especially those compromised deserve that respect) taking care of our community." - Barb

"Nope...unless I have to go to the drs or Costco!! Thank the stars my boss doesn't require us to wear them either!!" - Melanie

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