The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 16 new felony criminal complaints last week. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, seven of those involved some form of violence and five of those were interpersonal violence cases.

“One was a partner or family member assault,” Pabst said. “There was another partner or family member assault plus an assault on a minor. There was a partner or family member assault third offense and then we charged the deliberate homicide case that was also interpersonal violence. In that case, Angela Fallan is charged with deliberate homicide for purposely or knowingly causing the death of her ex-husband by shooting him with a .22 rifle.”

In addition, there was one assault with a weapon case. After a disagreement at a casino, the defendant allegedly chased the other individual and pointed a gun at the driver.

They also filed one felony DUI that involved impaired driving with alcohol and marijuana on board.

“In the property crimes category, we charged one defendant with a whole slew of charges that included two counts of felony theft, a couple other theft cases, criminal trespass to vehicles, and deceptive practices that involved stolen vehicles and stolen credit cards,” Pabst said. “In the other theft case, we charged theft, resisting arrest, and obstructing a peace officer.”

In that case, the defendant was located in a vehicle that was stolen out of Meagher County. When he was stopped, he allegedly took off running from police.

“We filed five felony drug cases,” Pabst said. “One of those was possession with intent to sell as well as possession of property subject to criminal forfeiture,” Pabst said. “In that case, the defendant allegedly had a very large quantity of methamphetamine, other drugs, and cash. We filed four other cases involving the possession of methamphetamine.”

In the last case, they charged a DUI third offense, obstructing a peace officer, and disorderly conduct.

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