When it comes to Christmas movies, the Hallmark Channel has got them coming out of their ears. Since the end of October, Hallmark has been playing Christmas movies non-stop during their Countdown to Christmas extravaganza. That means 30 brand new Christmas movies premiering every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday leading up to December 19th. That is over 30 brand new Hallmark Christmas movies for the season.

Now, Hallmark movies are generally low-budget movies, but, with a little charm and some decent writing, they are not all that bad, especially if you are looking for some good clean family movies. Granted, a good majority of the movies are predictable. There are comedies, romance, and even mystery movies that are all Christmas-themed.

Back in 2019, Hallmark released a new movie simply titled "Christmas in Montana." Remember when I said the movies can be predictable? Well, this movie follows a financial advisor from Los Angeles who has to travel to Montana to try and save a family's ranch from financial ruin. That is where she meets the handsome owner of the ranch and sparks start to fly. That is when the financial advisor has to make the challenging decision to fly back to California or stay in Montana for the holidays.

It has all the makings of a classic cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie. Typical story, Californian moves to Montana, falls in love with the handsome rancher, doesn't leave. Sounds about right.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at "Christmas in Montana."

Check out the full list of Countdown to Christmas movies airing now on Hallmark Channel.

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