We've known this for over a year now- fentanyl is wreaking havoc all across Montana, particularly on our reservations. And we know where the fentanyl is coming from. It's coming from the Mexican drug cartels, and it's coming across our Southern Border.

So why would you do a big 9 page story on the fentanyl crisis on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and not once even mention where the fentanyl is coming from? I mean, if supply chain problems are such a mess in the US right now- so much to where we can't get enough baby formula on grocery store shelves. Seems to the drug cartels don't have any troubles with their supply chains.

In case you missed it, a few different news outlet carried a report produced by a private organization called "Kaiser Health News." KHN is basically a propaganda arm for the government when it comes to health issues. So maybe they didn't want to highlight our own federal government's failure when it comes to this massive public health crisis that led tribal leaders at the Blackfeet Nation to declare a state of emergency due to fentanyl.

That being said, I do want to say that this KHN report contained some very interesting and important info. It is definitely worth a read. Here's an excerpt:

In the first three months of 2022, the Montana Highway Patrol seized over 12,000 fentanyl pills, more than three times the number from all of 2021...Overdose deaths are disproportionately affecting Native Americans. The overdose death rate among Indigenous people was the highest of all racial groups in the first year of the pandemic and was about 30% higher than the rate among white people, according to a study co-authored by UCLA graduate student and researcher Joe Friedman. (In Montana, the overdose rate for Native Americans is twice that of whites)

I went back and read the whole article. Not one reference to our Southern Border. Not one reference to the Mexican drug cartels. How do you do an entire piece on the drug epidemic that is causing an emergency on the Blackfeet Reservation and not mention where the fentanyl is coming from?

Think about it. We've got baby formula that's not showing up on grocery store shelves. We've got supply chains broken. It's hard to get supplies all over the country, let alone to a remote location like like northwest Montana right on the edge of Glacier National Park. And yet, somehow the supply chains are fully up and running to bring in all this fentanyl onto the Blackfeet reservation.

This much is clear, our Native American brothers and sisters are paying a higher price for Jon Tester and Joe Biden's open borders agenda here in Montana.

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