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You guys remember Rachel Dolezal? You know, the little white girl from Northwest Montana who lied about being black and ended up in charge of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington.

She changed her name and got a job as an elementary school teacher, despite having an "OnlyFans" page. She's now back in the news after getting fired from her job when the school found out about her OnlyFans page. Apparently "OnlyFans" is basically considered a website predominantly used for pornography.

The Daily Caller recently reminded us

Here is another fun fact about Dolezal that most people might not remember: she actually started the outrageously stupid trend of people going “I identify as” when they want the rest of the world to call them something they’re not. For example: “I identify as an astronaut so I need y’all to call me Buzz now.”

I'll never forget the day she was busted for lying about being black. I was prepping for my statewide radio show, heard about this woman in Spokane lying about being black, and then one of our listeners emailed me and said, "She grew up in Northwest Montana."

It was hilarious because just days before the great Rush Limbaugh was joking in his commentary about people identifying as something they are not- identifying as other genders etc. He then asked if a white guy could identify as a black guy...and then the Dolezal story broke.

To a certain extent you almost have to feel bad for Dolezal...I mean- if she can't identify as being black...then why the heck can a dude identify as a woman? Why are they ok with trashing a woman like Rachel Dolezal, but yet they treat Zooey Zephyr like a hero?

Case in point, look at this laughable garbage from the Montana Free Press and how they treat the radical lawmaker from House District 100 in Missoula, Montana. If anything, just look at some of the comments on the thread. (Zephyr is the lawmaker who cheered on the "transurrection" at the Montana Capitol)    


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