If you would've asked me a month ago for my thoughts on the newly created Western Congressional District in Montana, I would have told you I was concerned. I was concerned that Democrats basically used their control on the redistricting commission to gerrymander a seat to benefit the Democrats. I would have told you that I was concerned that the conservatives would spend too much time infighting instead of uniting to win this important race.

After seeing our friends in Kalispell for the Lincoln Reagan Trump Dinner on Saturday night, I can tell you that the Flathead conservatives are united.

I had the honor of serving as emcee for the event. It was great to see Mary Todd, Dr. Al Olszewski, and Ryan Zinke all in the house for the big event. Mary Todd kicked off the evening with the prayer for our country. Dr. Al is now the Chairman of the Flathead Republican Central Committee. And former Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (R-MT) took the stage to a raucous standing ovation from a sold out crowd.

Zinke, a retired Navy SEAL, now faces Democrat lawyer Monica Tranel in the race for US House in Western Montana. Tranel is the radical environmental activist who teamed up with an outfit called 350 Montana to sue the coal miners in Colstrip, Montana. (Think of that if you're a union Democrat in Butte, America) For those who watched the debate between Zinke and Tranel, I joked that Monica Tranel came across as so harsh that she even makes Hillary Clinton look charming.

Here's how I see the importance of this race. For one, the outcome of this race could determine whether or not Nancy Pelosi holds the gavel as Speaker of the House come January.

It is also important from a Montana standpoint. Ryan Zinke faces two open borders "libs" in this race. Monica Tranel is the open borders liberal who is driving up your gas and electricity prices. The other candidate is an open borders "lib"...who is running as a Libertarian.

Back in the early 90's Montana had two members of the US House- a Republican voting for Montana in the East, and a Democrat voting against Montana in the West. The Democrats want to set up an "Iron Curtain" splitting Eastern Montana and Western Montana once again. I am confident that Western Montana conservatives now stand united to make sure they don't end up "behind the Iron Curtain."



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