Flint Rasmussen is missing out on a PBR rodeo? What? Flint Rasmussen is a HUGE part of the Pro Bull Riding events.

Don't worry. He didn't break a leg or anything crazy.

Flint Rasmussen may be a great rodeo clown and rodeo entertainment legend, but first and foremost- he's a dad.

I thought this was a cool deal. Flint posted on his professional Facebook page that for the first time he would be missing a PBR premier tour event "for something other than health reasons." Flint added:

I have chosen to be in Bozeman to watch my girls compete in the big MSU Spring Rodeo in Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, and raise the National Championship banner. Thank you to the PBR for allowing me this opportunity, and to my friend Matt Merritt for stepping in. I hope the fans respect my decision, as I have missed too much.

The MSU Spring Rodeo is this weekend in Bozeman, with action already beginning starting Thursday April 7th. Click here for tickets.

The MSU Rodeo Team shared the news on Facebook that they'll be raising the championship banner on Friday night:

The Brick Breeden Fieldhouse will be adding another national championship banner to its rafters this Friday (April 8th). Come join us as we honor the first MSU rodeo national championship team since 2011!!

Flint Rasmussen says he WILL be at the event in Everett, Washington on Wednesday night, but will not make the PBR events in Tacoma over the weekend.


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