We had a great time catching up with world-famous rodeo entertainer- Montana's own- Flint Rasmussen on the radio Tuesday. All this ahead of the big Pro Bull Rider's (PBR) rodeo this weekend at the Metra in Billings.

What if one of the bull riders decides not to stand up for the national anthem?

Not gonna happen. That's a question he says he gets often as he travels the country for the PBR rodeo.

Why is Flint Rasmussen so sure that the bull riders will stand up for the national anthem? Because rodeo represents the greatness of America, the real West that thankfully still exists, and these riders love America. Even the Brazilian riders from South America will have their hands over their hearts.

Given all of the new folks moving to Montana, we spent a chunk of time talking about Montana values. What should folks who are new to Montana know? What does it mean to be a Montanan?

We also joked about all of the celebrities in Montana recently.

Is Alec Baldwin the good Baldwin brother, or is he the bad Baldwin brother? I guess he was spotted smoking a cigar out in front of Stogies in Billings, and also enjoyed a meal at Julianos. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (or "Bennifer" as our producer Travis referred to them) were reportedly in Big Sky.

Why so many celebrities in Montana? That also turned into a Montana values discussion...


Flint Rasmussen: I know being from Choteau, David Letterman has a place.

Aaron Flint: Oh, yeah.

Flint Rasmussen: And the reason a lot of those stars like Montana- now our values say if you see Alec Baldwin smoking a cigar out in front of the shop there, you kind of leave them alone.

Aaron Flint: Yeah, it's like whatever.

Flint Rasmussen: Letterman was the same way in Choteau. He'd walked down the street, and people would just wave just  like us anywhere else. That's what they like, because a place like New York City or LA they mob them and they can't even go outside.


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