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Man. Climate change sure must be kicking Montana's butt. I mean, look at that cactus!  

Democrats in Montana got trounced earlier this week. They lost every single statewide office in Montana. After the media and the polls were telling us how close the US Senate race was going to be, Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) ended up defeating liberal Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) by about 10 points.

It wasn't just a massive defeat for Democrats. It was a massive defeat for "Never Trump" Republicans who started a group called "The Lincoln Project." You may recall that "The Lincoln Project" didn't just go after President Trump, they went after Senate Republicans like Daines.

As The Great Falls Tribune reported back in August, they had pumped another $1 million into a TV ad in the state against Daines. The funniest part of the TV ad was the gigantic cactus featured in the video clip with the guy saddling up a horse. Either climate change is really kicking our butts (I know, they removed the climate change signs from Glacier), or these guys didn't even try.

They also didn't do well nationally, apparently. Here's a piece from Lincoln Project Torched After Joe Biden Does Worse With Republican Voters Than Hillary Clinton

“The Lincoln Project raised $67 million to win more Republican voters to Biden. They spent it on ‘consultant fees.’ And Joe Biden just did worse among Republican voters than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Biggest grift in years,” tweeted the Gravel Institute.

But maybe they didn't lose after all? As The Washington Examiner notes, the consultants behind The Lincoln Project basically took a whole bunch of money from angry Democrats and then pocketed a lot of the cash.



“It burned a staggering $13 million on operating expenditures, made $23.9M of [independent expenditures] (mostly routed into its founders firms),” notes California Target Book research director Rob Pyers, “and ended with $13.2M on hand.”

He adds, “Catering to #Resist donors has been a lucrative reversal of fortune for the Lincoln Project's founders. Reed Galen's Summit Strategic was paid $18.8M in Q3, Ron Steslow's TUSK Digital got $8.7M, Kurt Bardella's Endeavor Strategy got $153K. … Lincoln Project founder Reed Galen's Summit Strategic logged $129,668 in expenditures for lodging reimbursement in August.”

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