Keep your head on a swivel Montana. Not just Friday, but every day.

Look, I really try hard not to be one of those combat vets who sees a war around every corner. Combat veterans of all people know to take intelligence reports for what they are worth. Some are credible. Some are not. Some are so lacking in information that there's nothing you can really do with it anyway. I agree with Dan Bongino- we won't let these terrorists disrupt our lives here in Montana, but we should keep our heads on a swivel.

We know that terror groups like Lebanese Hezbollah have been operating here in the Western Hemisphere for quite some time. We know that radical Islamic groups are calling for a global Jihad following their terrorist attack on Israel where they slaughtered innocent mothers, grandmothers, and even brutally targeted and murdered infant babies. We also know that the Mexican drug cartels are already wreaking havoc all across America (especially Montana) with fentanyl, meth, and human trafficking operations.

One questions a lot of Montanans are asking today- are the terrorists already here in America? Especially since our Southern Border has been left wide open now for three years of the Joe Biden/ Jon Tester regime.

Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen tackled that topic and more as we took phone calls from all across the state on Thursday.

Could terrorists be sneaking into America through our southern border? Aside from the folks on the terror watch list who have already been caught, of course.

AG Knudsen: What do we know? Joe Biden has flagrantly and openly ignored federal law on securing the southern border...So I think Montanans and Americans are right to be concerned about this with the southern border as wide open as Joe Biden has made it. It's naive to think we don't have some of these militants here in our country.

By the way, AG Knudsen joined a coalition of 27 attorneys general in demanding the Biden administration correct course and stop releasing illegal immigrants crossing at the wide-open southern border into the United States.

From a Montana DOJ press release:

In a petition for rulemaking submitted Tuesday to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the attorneys general urge DHS to amend its unlawful policies to expressly prohibit the mass release of inadmissible immigrants into the U.S. by closing the catch-and-release loophole the administration is exploiting to allow it.

Click here to read the petition.

Here's the full audio of our chat with AG Knudsen:



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