Appearing on the KGVO Talk Back program on Monday, Montana GOP Chairman Don Kaltschmidt (Don K) made a bold statement that he believed that Democrat Governor Steve Bullock would not defeat Republican Steve Daines for the U.S. Senate.

“It’s not going to happen, and let me tell you why,” said Kaltschmidt. “First of all, we weren’t surprised about Bullock entering the race. We always prepared for that. We knew that was going to happen and we felt very strongly that it would happen. His entering the race is not about Montana. This is about meeting with Chuck Schumer and President Obama and it’s about the Democrats trying to take control of the U.S. Senate and obstruct President Trump. That’s basically what this is all about.”

Kaltschmidt said that Bullock showed his hand when he ran in the Democratic presidential primary.

“When he ran for President, he really showed his true colors,” he said. “Number one was that a majority of Montanans were not for the impeachment of President Trump and he was. “A large majority of Montanans are not for supporting bans on semi-automatic weapons, that’s ludicrous.”

Kaltschmidt said the best argument to keep Daines in the U.S. Senate is that Bullock made no bones about never wanting the job in the first place.

“Governor Bullock made countless statements, not just one, but countless statements that being a U.S. Senator wouldn’t be the least bit compelling or exciting,” he said. “He doesn’t even want the job. When you deep down really don’t want the job, then you know he’s not going to win the election.”

Should Bullock win the general election in November and a Democrat win the U.S. House, the entire Montana congressional delegation would be Democrats for the first time in many years. A Democrat hasn’t held the Montana House seat since 1997 when Republican Rick Hill took over for the retiring Democrat Pat Williams.

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