To help "flatten the curve," Governor Bullock announced today that the stay-at-home directive will continue through April 24.

According to a post on the Governor's Facebook page, he says the directive extension must be done to ensure our healthcare workers have the resources needed to protect themselves, and their families.

We stay home to protect Montanans in our rural communities and our rural health care workers who face long distances to access care. Though many Central and Eastern Montana counties don’t have a case yet, an outbreak in a rural community could overrun a local health care facility. - Governor Steve Bullock via Facebook.

In his post, Governor Bullock said this stay-at-home directive goes "hand in hand" with a healthy economy and a healthy population. "Managing this public health crisis now will help to prevent long-term consequences that could upend our economy for a longer duration and with a worse outcome," said Governor Bullock.

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