Governor Mark Gordon has joined the list of Wyoming representatives who have called on President Biden to allow Federal oil & gas leasing sales, following the president's decision to ban Russian oil imports.

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Governor Gordon has joined the likes of Senator Lummis, Senator Barrasso, and more in demanding that President Biden go back on his previous banning of oil & gas leasing on Federal land.

“The President’s Executive Order banning the import of Russian oil is only half a solution," Governor Gordon said in a written statement. "It should be accompanied by an Executive Order to immediately resume federal onshore and offshore oil and gas lease sales; expedite the approval process of federal application for permits to drill; and fast-track energy-related pipeline approvals to deliver energy to underserved areas across the nation."

Biden previously suspended the leasing in January of 2021; a move that critics say has resulted in the highest gasoline prices since 2008.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, Biden joined other countries in issuing sanctions designed to deter Vladimir Putin from further attacks. Now, Biden has declared that the United States will no longer import oil, liquified natural gas, or coal from Russia.

"It’s clear what the Russian invasion has done so far to Wyoming and US gasoline prices," Gordon said. "We know we must take extraordinary steps to rapidly ramp up production of oil and gas. We must focus on producing homegrown energy for our domestic security and to combat inflation.  We can do this if the Administration also withdraws administrative proposals designed to stop domestic oil and gas. These include continued threats of eliminating crucial tax credits and hiking up royalty rates on federal resources. Otherwise, we will continue to be dependent on nations and tyrants who clearly care nothing for our American ideals of democracy and prosperity.”

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