We had a radio listener from Billings, Montana ask us a really good question Monday afternoon. Are we certain that the United States Government was tracking the China spy balloon before it was spotted by locals in the skies above Billings, Montana?

I think this very question was answered Monday afternoon by Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) during a very insightful interview with national TV and radio talk show host Sean Hannity.

Senator Daines: When we get to the bottom of this, and this is why we're insisting on information, I think we're going to find out the incredible weakness of this administration. There is no doubt in my mind there was a chance to take a shot when it came into US airspace over the Aleutian Islands. They violated our sovereign airspace. This is a big deal. And the administration wouldn't take the shot.

Senator Daines told Hannity that the situation reminded him of when Barack Obama was in the White House.

Senator Daines: The commander's over fighting against ISIS, the war on terror- if they want to take a shot at a terrorist, one of these jackpot targets, you know, some well known leader in ISIS- they had to run it through all these chains of command all the way back to Washington, DC. And by the time they got clearance from the White House to take the shot, the target moved. They've got to have trust in the military, empower them to do what's right. That's what Trump did, by the way. He delegated decision making down to the lower levels so they can move quickly. That's what you got to do. You've got to trust the military. But this White House, I think they were under fetal position under their desks wondering what to do about this Chinese spy balloon.



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