When you get the chance to see and hear Harmeet Dhillon in person, you quickly recognize exactly why former Montana GOP Chairs like Debra Lamm and Jeff Essmann supported her bid for Republican National Committee chair.

Harmeet delivered in Billings on Friday night at the Yellowstone County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner. (And if you read this before Monday night and live in the Flathead Valley you can still get tickets at the door for the Glacial Forum event Monday night. Tickets at GlacialForum.com)

We had Harmeet in studio with us on Friday in Billings. She gave us a preview of what she has been talking about during her travels here in Montana.

Harmeet Dhillon: Our country has really radically changed in a very short period of time. I think it's been going on for about 20 years, but it's really accelerated over the last couple of years. The culture wars that you're seeing front and center in your state legislature with transgender legislators, you know, acting like Antifa and refusing to abide by any of the rules of society, I think is emblematic of the challenges that we're seeing around the country. The old Democratic Party isn't even the Democratic Party that we used to know, that used to be somewhat to the left of ours- it's just a radical party now with an agenda to destroy our Constitutional norms and everything that we believe in.

Harmeet also talked about the rage and anger that is encompassing the radical trans movement in America.

Harmeet Dhillon: There's this profound anger amongst young people, and when you're starting to teach children in kindergarten that they can select their own gender, which is scientifically false and impossible, we are setting ourselves up for a generation of rage...of dis-alignment. And so I think this is to me an existential threat to our way of life. And I think we really have to stand up and fight it. It isn't about being kind- we should be kind and accepting to individuals. But in terms of accepting that right is wrong and left is right and the moon is made of green cheese- no, I don't have to accept that. I'm not going to accept it.

As Harneet was walking down the hall from our Montana Talks studios, The Breakfast Flakes on the Cat Country radio station in Billings also recognized Harmeet as she was walking down the hall. Paul Mushaben had a great line, referring to Harmeet's work on the Republican National Committee: "Whatever you do, it isn't aggressive enough," he told her. "I agree," Harmeet fired back. I figured those two would get along!

Here's the full audio of our chat with Harmeet Dhillon:





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