The Public Health Officer Order that was issued October 12 and 14 for Yellowstone County, has been extended through December 9, according to a press release from RiverStone Health. The order limits indoor and outdoor gatherings to 25 people, with further details of the order available HERE.

In a press conference today (Monday 11/9), Yellowstone County public health officer John Felton said that no additional restrictions to the October 12/14 order will be introduced today. But then said he "could not rule out the possibility" that additional restrictions and closings could be implemented as early as "later these week."

According to information from the RiverStone Health press conference, there were 3,572 Yellowstone County residents that became infected with COVID-19 in October. There were more infections reported in October, then there were from June through September combined, according to John Felton.

Here are some stats highlighted in today's press conference from RiverStone Health:

  • About 18,000 Yellowstone County residents were isolated or quarantined during some part of the month of October, which is more than 10 percent of the population of the county.
  • The COVID-19 infection rate grew from 7 percent in early September, to more than 22 percent in the last week of October.
  • More than 9200 people tested at the free testing site offered by RiverStone Health.
  • During October, our two hospitals had an average of 103 COVID-19 patients per day, with many needing intensive care and ventilators. There was an average of 21 people on ventilators every day in October.
  • 97 Yellowstone County residents have died since the pandemic began, more than a quarter of those deaths happening in October.

Public health and health care workers are working seven days a week to keep up with the increasing pandemic demands. The work has become more challenging, because we have been going as fast as possible for several months, while the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have grown. -John Felton, Yellowstone Co. Public Health Officer

As of this morning, there are more than 650 cases yet to be assigned to contact tracers. . "We're in a situation that is far less than ideal," said Felton. He also asked that the public help by proactively adhering to guidelines that are available by clicking HERE.

CLICK HERE to see the complete Health Officer Order for Yellowstone County.

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