Contrary to what your Qanon friends might believe, hospitals around Montana are currently bordering at near-full occupancy levels as COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to climb. According to the Montana Response COVID-19 tracking site, 470 Montanans are currently in the hospital and the death toll is at 457, as of 11/9.

Healthcare workers have a tough enough job in "normal" times. Dealing with cranky patients, crying kids, pill seekers, long hours on their feet, and watching patients suffer has got to be tough enough. COVID-19 and related issues of uncomfortable PPE, quarantines from their families, and other issues can probably feel like thankless work for many in the healthcare industry.

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St Vincent's and Billings Clinic are two of the largest employers in Billings and literally thousands of employees work to make your planned - or unplanned - visits to the doctor as pleasant as possible. From the surgeons and doctors to support staff who tirelessly clean and sanitize, all of them are having a tough year. 

Downtown Billings Alliance in conjunction with the Yellowstone County Economic Resource & Recovery Team are planning to give $10,000 worth of gift cards to our local healthcare workers on November 13th, Healthcare Appreciation Day.

You have an opportunity to help them meet their goal with DBA's matching gift program. For every $10 you donate, Downtown Billings Associate will match your $10 gift. LINK HERE. I'm sure the healthcare workers who receive the cards will appreciate the gifts, and I would guess the purchase of the cards will help local small businesses that may have been having a tough year as well.

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