Update: How cool is this? Last week on our statewide radio show Montana Talks- we told you about this cool story out of Bozeman, Montana. That's where WildRye Distilling is using their facility to make hand sanitizer, and they're donating the hand sanitizer to first responders in need.

Shortly after our show, we got a phone call from the hospital in Glendive, Montana. They heard about the free hand sanitizer, and wanted to know how they could get their hands on it. We linked them up with our friends at WildRye Distilling, and before you knew it- hand sanitizer was on it's way to Glendive, Montana. Even cooler? They had a VIP escort delivering their product thanks to the Montana Highway Patrol.

The Montana Highway Patrol shared this note later in the week:

We’re used to blood relays but yesterday was a new one for us....we did a hand sanitizer relay from a distillery in Bozeman to a hospital in eastern Montana.

We’d like to give a huge shoutout to WildRye Distilling in Bozeman for their generosity in providing the free hand sanitizer in yesterday’s relay. Thanks to them, some medical personnel in eastern Montana will be better equipped for the days and weeks ahead.

Troy Downing called in to the show to talk about this story, and gave some shout outs to some other Bozeman businesses who are helping out. Click below for the audio:


Original Story

It's all hands on deck when it comes to helping your neighbors in need here in Montana. A whiskey distillery in Bozeman, Montana is taking that literally- converting their distillery into a hand sanitizer production facility.

Bozeman businessman Troy Downing is one of the owners of WildRye Distilling.

Downing shared this note with us:

We are cranking out hand sanitizer at WildRye Distilling. If you have 2oz bottles, we are in need. WildRye Distilling 111 E. Oak Street, ste 1E Bozeman, MT


Not only are they making the hand sanitizer, but they are also offering it for free. As of late Monday, Troy said they were limited on the smaller 2-3 ounce bottles, but he said folks can bring in their own bottle for a free refill.

*By the way- you may have heard Troy call in to Rush Limbaugh's radio show Monday morning talking about this effort and how they are particularly helping first responders.

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