"And I'm gonna clean up this town. Good...you can start by sweepin' the floor." You remember that line from Back to the Future? That's what came to mind as we were talking about this story on the radio this morning.

For background- We got a message on our app from Suzanne in Bozeman.

Here it is:

Good morning,

I saw this article last night and think it needs covered. Why would this man be getting citations for clearing waterways?!? If the city is so upset about him cleaning up (and potentially exposing the citys issues), why dont they supply a dumpster for him? Maybe commend him for his efforts to clean up the city?

Please comment this morning, people need to hear this and complain to the government for how they are handling this.

Here's the story she shared from NBC Montana: Missoula man says he'll continue cleaning riverbank despite citation from city

Isn't that crazy? Here's a guy walking his dog on the banks of the Clark Fork River, and he's stumbling across all sorts of human waste, drug needles, and other garbage- so he decides to pick up the trash. He then puts it out on the street for all to see. But now the City of Missoula has to pick up the trash he collected, so they're going after him.

It's understandable why they don't want the trash on the streets, but why don't they help him in the cleanup of the river? Especially when you consider that the trash is likely coming from the very same transients that the City of Missoula is constantly encouraging to move into Missoula with their pro-transient policies.

I mean- imagine being a fly fisherman on the banks of the Clark Fork in Missoula. "Hey, I think I got a bite. Oh, no- that was a drug needle stabbing me through the waders." Seriously...

Here's a thought: why don't all of these so-called environmentalists grab a big black sack and get down to the river and help the environment in your own backyard. And grab the climate kids from the climate kid lawsuit while you're at it.

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Here's that clip from Back to the Future that I referenced earlier:


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